From Sicily to Westonbirt — from Parks and Gardens UK

Leaving our olive groves behind last week was hard, we’re happiest pruning and harvesting our trees. But working in Westonbirt school’s beautiful gardens helps. Today we’ve been digging up ivy and brambles. Everyday grind in a glorious place. It’s exciting to be part of an entirely different landscapes long history. Especially exciting to be involved now, with Heritage Lottery Funds on their way, and the gardens due to be restored, involving community partners and opening up to a wider public, with the aim of being more inclusive.

A piece from an excellent blog on garden history:

Everyone’s heard of Westonbirt Arboretum, one of the most extensive and beautiful collections of trees in the country. But how about the other gardens at Westonbirt? Perhaps not. Yet like the arboretum they were created by the same visionary, Robert Stayner Holford, are just across the road and are open to the public, although they now form […]

via Westonbirt & the Holfords — Parks and Gardens UK


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